Arrive home within, reconnect to your true nature and live your authentic self.

Join our 6 day transformational retreat experience

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Mar. 27. - April. 01. 2023

Welcome Home beautiful Soul!

You just arrived at a safe ground to relax & let go. 
Take a deep breath and lean back. You are exactly where you meant to be right now.

The Retreat

ARRIVE-Retreat is your opportunity to see, feel, understand and express your own inner truth – your authentic SELF.

Here we create a safe environment that feels like HOME to arrive fully.

At this Retreat, you not only press pause on a demanding life, you actually take an impactful break for yourself that creates sustainable inner peace which seeds lasting change. 

This is profound inner work. We combine a variety of psychological and spiritual approaches to help you reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost, while uncompromisingly focusing on truth and trust. This provides essential tools for establishing connection and loving relationships with yourself and others.

You receive full support from our first touchpoint over the retreat experience, through our integration guidance process and beyond, to the point where you are ready to conquer your life in a truly authentic way. 

If this resonates somewhere deep inside, consider this as your soul calling. May this be your personal invitation to a new life experience.

Will you accept it?


Today more than ever, we feel restless

We are constantly on the run. Rushing around, chasing the next big deal, seeking for something outside, hoping to find peace inside.

Because we have lost the connection to ourSELVES, we try hard to prove our worth by What we do, rather than Who we are. 

Leaving us in need of outside validation.

Influenced by traumatic events of our past we suppress our own inner truth because we fear showing up.

Resulting in emotional imbalance, distress, anxiety or depression and later in life we tend to burnout like a candle.

Simply because we haven’t learned to properly work with our emotions.

This unexpressed, unfelt energy turns into „pain“ signals of our body system. 

Just THINKING about FEELING this „pain“ seems too hard to handle by ourself …

So we effectively or ineffectively develop coping mechanisms to escape our reality

… until NOW!


Realizing Truth

Our Retreat is about realizing your truth, that everything you seek is already within you. Thus you are already there, exactly where you’re meant to be.

Closing the Gap

It is closing the gap between realizing and embodying the universal truth of yourself. Here you will practice at the experiential level to discover your inner richness, and find an increased self-worth.

Letting Go

It will challenge you to let go of old stories, wounds, concepts, beliefs and judgments. It will bring you to an aliveness and heartfelt intensity for your authentic life where aligned actions arise naturally.

Safe environment

ARRIVE is a safe environment to welcome and feel through, to understand, embody and integrate whatever experience comes up.


You are feeling restless and overwhelmed far too often.
You are experiencing distress, anxiety, depression or any sort of emotional imbalance.
You want to know who you truly are and find deeper meaning.
You feel like suppressing your own inner truth
You want to be emotionally authentic, confident, connected and peaceful with yourself again.
You want to experience a natural state of relaxation and ease.
An experience like this is calling you for a while, but your head wasn’t allowing you to take that time for yourself.
You somehow know that if you want to change the world, this process has to start inside.
There is something you feel like resolving on a deeper level, but it just seems too painful to approach it by yourself.
But you are refusing to let your fear stop you again.


You are looking for a quick fix.
You are looking for an easy escape.
You think you know it all and refuse to change your perspective.
You are not willing to deal with heavy emotions that might come up



Before we embark on this journey together, we get to know each other on our introduction call. This is a vital first step where we find out whether we are a fit and if your specific needs match our offer.


As soon you’re on board you receive a Workbook dedicated to prepare you for a profound retreat experience. Including setting an intention, clearing expectations, a short introduction into our practices and access to a private group to exchange with other participants.


Once you arrive at the safe space of the retreat Venue, you will quickly notice a sense of calm sweeping over your body. You will learn to regulate your nervous system and deeply connect with like minded people who are walking alongside your path. The path to sustainable inner peace through reconnecting to their authentic SELF.


In order to understand your experience as well as integrate your new insights into your life, we are guiding you through our integration guidance process for sustainable change. So that you learn to hold yourself even in the midst of seemingly difficult situations and express your unique potential, connected to a deeper meaning and purpose.



Practices of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama and a selection of transformational Workshops specifically designed to access your emotional intelligence, facilitating a shift in self-awareness, empathy & motivation.

Balanced with a good amount of Quiet-Reflection-Time and healthy Vegan Food, help you to calm your nervous system and experience a state of inner peace & serenity.

Sleep well in heavenly beds with Egyptian white cotton sheets, replenish your energy in your ensuite bathroom with heated floor and fluffy bathrobes. All rooms have a private terrace with table & chairs from which to enjoy the beautiful gardens and sparkling ocean views.

Our Chef Karolina dedicated her labor to the translation of her love through cooking into the bodies of our participants. This results in a unique culinary experience that will blow your mind. She serves 3 freshly prepared well balanced vegan delights per day for you to feel energized throughout the whole retreat.

Each day begins with a morning meditation where we set an intention that flows into a vitalyzing yoga session. 

This morning practice is an opportunity to wake up and align our body, mind & soul. It will feed into the rest of the day giving you a strong foundation for our workshops & ceremonies.

We selected a variety of deeply transformative Workshops covering topics such as Energy Awareness, Shadow Work, Philosophy, & Ceremonies such as authentic sharing Circles, Breathwork, Emotional Release, Kundalini Dance, a Kakao Ceremony and activities like a Coastline Hike towards Sagres.

We believe in the power of integration. This is why you receive guidance to understand and integrate your experiences as well as new insights into your daily life through our specifically designed integration guidance Session after the retreat.

Our Tribe is a way of relating to each other, sharing values and inspiring each other to grow through new perspectives. It implicates safety and support, earth and roots. For you to nourish your SELF connection beyond the retreat experience.

„Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.“


We are a „like-hearted“ team of holistic Guides. 
Our Purpose is guiding each other back home – within, to a place of unconditional love, inner peace and contentment.
We believe that everyone has the ability to reconnect with their true nature and heal themselves. If only given a safe space, like we provide.


Founder, Retreat Leader & SELF DEVELOPMENT Coach

As the founder and leader of ARRIVE, I am creating a safe space for you to reconnect with your authentic self. My journey taught me that everything I seek is within. I used to look for peace outside, leading to restlessness and burnout, but now I share what I’ve learned to bridge the gap between your false and true self for you to arrive within at a place of unconditional love. 
I’m already excited to feel you in person.


Organizational Leader & Group Facilitator

Hi, I’m Christoph, the second brain of Arrive. I’m here to provide structure and a safe space for everyone. As an Ex-Paramedic, Webdesigner, Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast I have many roles and responsibilities, but for now I’m here for you! To allow you to reconnect to your true self. I was on the same path in the past, but for now I’m living my best life. That’s the reason why I can give something back today. Excited to see you soon!


Yoga Teacher & Emotional Awareness Coach

Hey, my name is Rina. Through my own healing journey I’ve discovered and got taught a lot of different tools, that helped me to process my sufferings healing my deepest wounds.

My purpose is to help others to heal, holding space for them by using the for me most transformational techniques and tools I know.

Therefore, I am more than happy and looking so much forward to sharing my love and the power of yoga, breath and emotional release with you at the Arrive Retreat.


Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator
Hi, my Name is Bianca and I have the honor of accompanying you as a Breathwork Facilitator during the Arrive Retreat. I found Breathwork during my own integration journey and was obsessed with it from the very first moment. With pure fascination for this powerful tool, I’m now more than excited to create held spaces, where people find access to their breath, themselves and their emotions. It fulfills me deeply to guide and accompany people in their own transformation and integration processes, and to see how they arrive within.


Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator
Hi, my Name is Bianca and I have the honor of accompanying you as a Breathwork Facilitator during the Arrive Retreat. I found Breathwork during my own integration journey and was obsessed with it from the very first moment. With pure fascination for this powerful tool, I’m now more than excited to create held spaces, where people find access to their breath, themselves and their emotions. It fulfills me deeply to guide and accompany people in their own transformation and integration processes, and to see how they arrive within.


Vegan Chef
Hey there, my name is Karolina. For the past 2 years I have had the great fortune to travel around the world and accompany many people while experiencing great culinary delights. Eating and cooking has been my favorite activity since I was a toddler. Arousing emotions in my counterpart is another thing I love. That’s why I combined the two! Cooking for my fellow human beings and introducing them to how easy and delicious healthy food can be, and sending them on an inner culinary journey with an intense taste experience, fills me with pure joy.


Kundalini Dance Facilitator

Hello beautiful soul, I’am Jess, a lovely reminder for love and positivity. As a Priestess of Gaia and Kundalinidance facilitator I’am leading you trough deep healing processes, which I healed during my journey. I am holding a space of acceptance, grace & unconditional, pure love where I see you as a whole being. With my mission „arts of love“ i’m in creating a school where souls remember that love is within & all around.


Welcome to our beautiful Venue Quinta Bonita.
Situated high on the algarve coast in Lagos Portugal with panoramic views,
Quinta Bonita is a Luxurious eight bedroom country house
set in its own 10000 square meters of spectacular Botanical gardens.

„The only thing we truly seeks is our SELF, thus the only destination we truly aim for is our home within“


Nearest Airports

Faro, Lisbon

Train, Bus & Uber

With both options there are trains going directly to Lagos train station or buses arriving at Lagos Bus terminal. From there you can grab an uber for a 10 minute ride directly to the venue where we await you with open arms and a big hug so that you know you have arrived.

Your Destination

Matos Morenos Quatro Estradas
8600-115 Lagos - Portugal

Be part of the

Time until we meet …



  • Accommodation in a twin shared room
  • Nourishing vegan food
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Transformative workshops, ceremonies & activities
  • 1x Individual 1:1 Integration Guidance Session
  • Access to a private ARRIVE-Retreat Cohort Telegram Group
  • Travel Expenses
  • Airport Transfer
  • Travel insurance (Recommended)
  • Extra Coaching, Yoga & Emotional Release sessions
  • Single Room available on request
  • Payment plans are available at your convenience.
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We are excited about getting to know you!

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